Whitworth was kicked out. People with rib injuries

Los Angeles Rams veteran Andrew Whitworth (Andrew Whitworth), accompanied by several teammates and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson), at the end of the first half on Sunday The injured left knee was taken away from the car.
In New Orleans, Drew Brees missed the second half of the 27-13 victory over the San Francisco 49ers with a rib injury. He was injured when he was fired from Kentavius ​​Street in San Francisco, and the man was convicted of a foul for reducing most of his weight to the 41-year-old quarterback.
At the beginning of the second half, Blaise was replaced by Jameis Winston. While Winston and Tatham Hill were taking warm-up snapshots, Blaise stood with his helmet and waited.
“When I came out in the second half and started throwing the ball (warming up), it became clear that I didn’t become very effective,” Blaise said. “I am not sure what will happen tomorrow, but you can know that I will do my best next week.”
Whitworth is a 15-year veteran of the National Football League (NFL) and the cornerstone of Sean McVay’s offensive Rams.
When Whitworth was sent to the shopping cart, Wilson, wearing a mask, came over to shake hands. Other Seahawks and Whitworth Rams teammates also controlled the 38-year-old lineman.
Whitworth has played every game this season. Last season he played 99% of the games played for the Rams. Whitworth started his career in 11 seasons in Cincinnati and has not missed a game due to injuries since 2013.
Joe Noteboom returned from an injured reserve this week to replace Whitworth. Noteboom usually protects Rams when healthy. Also for the Rams, safety Taylor Rapp injured his knee in the first half and did not return, while kicker Kai Forbath injured his ankle in the third quarter, during which time he Missed extra points.
The Arizona Cardinals defensive rebounder Corey Peters was forced off the court with a knee injury in the second quarter of the game against Buffalo Beal. Cardinals’ tight-fitting end Darrell Daniels (ankle) left in the second quarter, while defender De’Vondre Campbell (Mavericks) left in the third quarter.
Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater fell on the left in the fourth quarter and injured his right leg twice. After two touchdowns, he rushed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to 46- The score of 23 was lost to another game. PJ Walker finally finished the game at the quarterback, with poor results.
After the game, coach Matt Rhule did not disclose Bridgewater’s status. In addition, Panthers cornerback Donte Jackson left at the beginning of the third quarter after being injured.
-Packer running/reverse passer Tyler Irvine left with a rib injury in the first half against Jacksonville.
—During the game against Detroit, Washington safety guard Deshazor Everett (ankle) and an offensive tackle Cornelius Lucas (ankle) were injured. Lions receiver Danny Armandola (hip) left the game.
-The pursuer Jalen Richard (Jalen Richard) suffered a heavy blow in the kick-off round and injured his chest against Denver. The X-ray film is negative.
At noon on January 20, Eastern Time, after the president-elect Biden is completed, he will issue a memorandum to stop or postpone the inauguration day. Biden’s transitional spokeswoman Jane Saki has entered into force at midnight and Trang The midnight rule for actions taken by the U.S. government was formulated by the executive branch during the period of the outgoing presidential government. Psaki cited some examples, including a rule that is expected to be issued by the Department of Labor: “It will make it easier for companies to call their workers independent contractors to avoid minimum wages and overtime protection.” Freezing supervision is new. The government’s standard practice, Psaki said: “But this freeze will not only apply to regulations, but also to guidance documents, which may have a huge impact on the lives of the American people.” Biden has stated that he will Several administrative actions were taken on the first day of his inauguration, including rejoining the World Health Organization and the International Climate Change Treaty, the Paris Agreement. More stories on theweek.com Trump’s death wishes for the Republicans are right Trump’s Tax records exceed congressional subpoenas-at least until after his resignation the Trump-Berney alliance could have been
Benjamin Wilson, an American who has lived in Wuhan for nearly two decades, said: “If I lived in the United States, I would be scared.”
A few days after Germany began to vaccinate people, and the extension of the lock-in loom, Germany recorded more than 1,000 coronavirus-related deaths in one day for the first time in one day. According to infectious disease data from the Robert Koch Institute, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country has increased by 22,459 to 1,687,185. RKI stated that the data is not fully comparable because some health authorities report fewer results during the holiday period, while some reports include late claims.
Senator Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) said on Wednesday that Josh Hawley (Missouri)’s plan to oppose the electoral college votes constituted a “coup.” “Voting on January 6 to prove the results of the electoral college, but did not cause certain states…failed to comply with their own state election laws,” and called on Congress to investigate allegations of voter fraud. “This is how you run for president. In 2024, the Republican Party will join the coup.” Klobuchar wrote in response to Holly on Twitter. “Democracy will prevail. As the rule leader [committee], I will promise. “>This is how you run for Republican president in 2024. You will participate in the coup. Democracy will prevail. As the chief Dem of Rules Com. I will promise. A bipartisan elected group will put our country first. See you on the sixth! https://t.co/jDkGVi4vDw>>-Amy Klobuchar (@amyklobuchar) December 30, 2020 President Trump refused to publicly admit to defeating opponent Joe Biden and claimed that the Democratic Party passed a wide range of voters The election fraud was “stolen”. Attorneys allied with the president have filed a lawsuit that canceled election results in several key states, but failed to provide evidence that the fraudulent results were sufficient to overturn the election results. The Senate Rules and Administration Committee is responsible for overseeing disputed elections as part of its duties. Another Republican senator from Missouri, Roy Blunt (Roy Blunt) serves as the chairman of the committee, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., K.) is also a member of the committee. Republicans in the House of Representatives can oppose the election proof. Representatives need the support of at least one senator to hear their opposition and debate. Now that Holly has announced his objections, although there is no sign that Vice President Mike Pence will refuse to prove the result, Brooks and other House Republicans may succeed in hearing their objections.
Colonel Owen G. Ray has been suspended as the Chief of Staff of I Corps, pending a law enforcement investigation into this case.
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The incoming president slipped while criticizing the Trump administration’s vaccine launch
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals said in a statement to Reuters: “Pfizer will review all available information about this case and all reports of any confirmed diagnosis after vaccination.” It said: “Based on our Phase 3 safety and security Effectiveness studies, the vaccine can provide some protection against COVID-19 within about 10 days after the first dose, and it will be significantly enhanced after the second dose, supporting the need for two doses of vaccination.” 45-year-old Matthew W., a nurse at two local hospitals, said in a Facebook post on December 18 that he had received the Pfizer vaccine and told an ABC News member that his arm was sore for a day, but nothing else pain. side effect.
The Senate is facing a “difficult battle” in passing legislation, which will increase direct personal COVID-19 relief from $600 to $2,000, but Republican lawmakers face greater pressure to support the measure. A two-thirds majority is required to pass the proposal-which is separate from the larger $900 billion relief bill approved by both houses of Congress last week and signed into law by President Trump after several days of deliberation on Sunday- However, it is not clear whether the leader of the Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) even voted it in the upper house. Similarly, its passage requires a two-thirds majority of the Senate, although Most Democrats seem to have attended the meeting, but many Republicans appear to be more hesitant about increasing debt. But Republican sources told Axios that because Trump and his voters demanded greater inspections, there are enough Republican senators to support the proposal. A source said that if McConnell did take the measure, “may get 60 votes.” Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) made it clear on Monday night that despite his concerns about debt, he will still vote for a rate hike, so a small number of like-minded colleagues will reverse the situation. Learn more on Axios. >I am worried about debts, but the pandemic has hit working families seriously.>>This is why I support direct payment of $600 to working families. If there is a chance to vote for the increase, please visit https: // /t.co/ EciB6TszTY>>-Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) December 28, 2020, Trump’s hopes for the death of Republicans are right, and Trump’s requirements for his tax records exceed congressional subpoenas-at least Until January 20 after he left the office, Biden issued a memo to freeze the Trump administration’s midnight regulations
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Law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that the Louisiana police officer died in a suicide on Wednesday while his colleagues were searching his home as part of a criminal investigation. Three law enforcement officials familiar with the matter said that senior police officer August August “Gus” McKay shot himself after the authorities arrived at his residence in the Washington parish. Officials have no right to discuss the cause of McKay’s death and socialize with the United States on an anonymous basis.
The woman falsely accused the 14-year-old son of jazz musician Keyon Harrold of stealing her iPhone and assaulted him, claiming to be the actual victim. The family believed that this was racially motivated. The 22-year-old white woman at the center of the incident was near the Arlo SoHo Hotel in New York and shared with CNN a side of the incident that occurred last weekend. In a 20-minute telephone interview on Tuesday, she claimed that she had contacted the Arlo Hotel security department to determine who had taken her lost iPhone.
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Russian scientists are carefully studying the well-preserved remains of a woolly rhinoceros, which may have roamed the hinterland of Siberia 12,000 years ago after being discovered in the diamond-producing area of ​​Yakutia. In Russia’s vast Siberian region, similar discoveries have also occurred in an increasingly regular manner, because climate change has caused the Arctic’s surface to melt faster than the rest of the world, which is already in permafrost. Yakutia (24 years old) quoted the scientist Valery Plotnikov (Valery Plotnikov), the rhino was found in a river in August, the river’s limbs, some organs, and ivory are very scarce. Even wool. Media outlet.
An attorney for a U.S. Army Special Forces sergeant was arrested. Authorities said it was a random shooting at a bowling alley in Illinois, killing three people. At the preliminary hearing on Monday, her client may have suffered post-traumatic response. Exciting obstacles.
The United States Constitution provides many mechanisms through which abnormal situations or emergencies within the electoral system can be resolved. It does not provide any mechanism for the losers to reach a solution through elections. This seems unclear to at least two Republican congressmen. The representative of Texas, Louis Gohmert, stated that if Pence refuses to use the absolute power that Gohmert claims the vice president has under the Twelfth Amendment and intends to hand over the election to Trump, He intends to file a lawsuit in the district court. At the same time, Alabama representative Mo Brooks announced that dozens of Republican congressmen will oppose the election results of the Electoral College when Congress meets to certify them on January 6. Brooks said that by registering their opposition, he and his other MPs will make a “difficult decision.” The fact is just the opposite. This is never easy to lose-especially when it is close. But the “difficult decision” here is to resist the president’s increasingly unrestricted accusations, ignore those who respond to them irresponsibly, and respect the results. If either of these two programs succeed, the result will be the weakening of the federal system and the establishment of a disastrous precedent for future elections-not to mention the subversion of democracy. Gommert’s plan is particularly absurd, because it will make the current vice president allowed and possibly even obligated to veto the results of any presidential elections that he does not like the results of which are incorporated into US law. Instead, as the Speaker of the Senate, the Vice President only serves as a minister and presides over the counting of electoral votes in Congress. If Richard Nixon can perform this duty after his own heartbreak in 1960, Mike Pence can certainly sign this year’s election results. Few Republican senators have shown any interest in actively pursuing these strategies, which proves their good sense. Josh Hawley voluntarily joined Brooks to object, which is even more disappointing. President Trump took aim at the majority leader McConnell, for admitting that Biden was president-elect, and at the assistant majority leader John Thun, observed that the Mo Brooks plan was destined to “get down fast.” According to the special According to Lampe’s estimate, McConnell’s statement indicated that he did not know how to “fight”, while Thun’s statement indicated that he was “weak.” Indeed, there are many admirable politicians who go all out. However, the result of the overthrow of the presidential election is nothing powerful or admirable. Trump and his team had enough time to prove the widespread fraud they claimed changed the election results in key states, but failed to do so. Congress should now perform its duties and approve the results in good faith, no matter how much it angered the president.
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Internal documents obtained by the Associated Press show that the order to monitor the origin of the new coronavirus came directly from President Xi Jinping. Beijing did not shut down the research. On the contrary, the government spent a lot of money on research grants, but any new data must be approved by the government working group before it is released. This is not the only way Beijing is trying to control. According to AP’s situation. In southern China, there is an entrance to a mine that once harbored bats. These bats had the closest relatives of the coronavirus. The relatives were first discovered in Wuhan and believed to have caused the ongoing pandemic. As the Associated Press pointed out, the region has “strong scientific significance” because it can provide clues to the origin of the virus and may prevent similar crises in the future. However, according to two people familiar with the matter, the Associated Press reported that reporters and scientists, including the bat research team, who were trailed by plainclothes police were confiscated for the “black hole of information confiscation”. The famous Chinese virologist Zhang Yongzhen told the Associated Press that no one can trace the virus back to its roots, and most scientists believe that the virus did jump from animals to humans in nature (rather than leaking from the laboratory). Out). . But Beijing’s response highlighted the political sensitivity of the origin issue. It seems that China does not want to be accused of spreading this virus and is trying to imply that the virus originated elsewhere, inferring the theory through propaganda, misinterpretation or flawed scientific research, and calling for transcending China’s borders. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a fax to the Associated Press: “The new coronavirus has been found in many parts of the world.” “Scientists should carry out international scientific research and cooperation on a global scale.” Trump’s hopes for the death of Republicans The subpoena passed to Congress by Trump over his tax record was correct-at least until after he resigned on January 20, Biden issued a memo to freeze the Trump administration at midnight. Stipulate
The Syrian military said Israeli jets fired missiles at targets near Damascus early Wednesday morning, killing one Syrian soldier and wounding three people. A Syrian military official said that the attack occurred after midnight in the Zabadani area in rural Damascus. The target of the attack was the Syrian air defense force and caused material damage. The war surveillance team said the strike also attacked weapons and rocket depots of militia allied with Iran.
New York City Police Department officials said their review of security cameras at the Arrow Hotel in Soho made all the difference. The New York Police Department has announced that it will file a lawsuit against the woman who attacked Keyon Harrold Jr., who accused her of being dishonest and stole her iPhone. According to Rodney Harrison, head of detectives at the New York Police Department, their comments on the security camera recordings of the Arrow Hotel in Soho are unique.
On Tuesday, a series of Palestinian militant groups fired rockets into the Mediterranean Sea in the Gaza Strip. This was the start of what they called the first joint exercise. The Israeli media described this as a display of force by Iran. Gaza is run by Hamas and is also home to other militant groups such as the Islamic Jihad.
“Racial discrimination, viral videos and calculations”, this is how the New York Times titled what her high school freshman said among the college freshmen. Mimi Groves was a kid when he said “I can drive” in a Snapchat recording and then said “n” (racism). Jimmy Galligan (Jimmy Galligan) is a semi-black student who graduated from Heritage High School in Virginia last spring and got this senior video with Groves (Groves). Per Galligan himself waited until Groves was admitted and chose to study at the University of Tennessee Knoxville before posting the video. The video went viral, and the resulting storm caused a lot of abuse and led to the ultimatum atum Tennessee University Groves: Voluntary withdrawal or cancellation of admission notice. The white white Groves chose the former and is now attending classes at the local community college instead of her dream school-forget it, can the first two people reach the third of the scale Groves is now facing? Any reasonable person will refuse. Even acknowledging the obvious fact-she shouldn’t use this insult under any circumstances-there are few signs that she used it out of hatred for black people. In fact, the context seems clear: Groves just said, there are hundreds of hip-hop music every year. This cannot be an excuse for behavior, it should be considered unacceptable. But this is an important difference from using malicious and filthy words, which is obviously not her intention. Many people are to blame for what happened. If Groves can be held responsible for the wrong decisions made in his teens, then Garrigan can, of course, deliberately destroy the lives of his classmates four years later-committing more serious crimes at a more mature age. But regardless of Galligan’s culprit, institutions such as the University of Tennessee and the New York Times deserve more ridicule than these two Virginia teenagers. Faced with social media calls to cancel Groves’ acceptance, managers succumbed to a few outspoken pressures and gave up the right way to do the most convenient thing. University officials are much easier to dry Groves than to withstand strong and short storms. This is what they do, and their decision has nothing to do with race or any other form of justice. They don’t care if Groves feels “comfortable on campus”-they once persuaded her to back down before persuading her to get an ultimatum-she did not honestly believe that black students on campus would be threatened to sign up. For them, the only important thing is to try and check as little as possible to avoid this situation. Forget to stand up and explain why they don’t punish young women for their young mistakes. Everything has to do with damage control. I don’t know how many of us have reached the same level as Mimi Groves (Mimi Groves) since high school, and finally qualified for admission to the University of Tennessee. . In order to show readers’ recognition of Gary Gan’s actions without full approval, the author of the article, Dan Levine, pointed out that “Garigan’s decision will make the parachuting of Leesburg, Virginia, the town named after the ancestors of Confederate General Robert E. Named. After the landmark ruling of the Supreme Court, Lee and his school system have ordered the abolition of apartheid. The absurd meaning is that the name of Grovestown and the fact that it opposed integration 50 years ago proved her The treatment is correct. In the wealthiest counties in the United States, black students say they have been ridiculed for a long time. They continue to share stories of students being forced to endure the appalling racism of their classmates and even being forced to participate in “underground railroad” games. Physical education. These stories are maddening. They describe people’s crimes being far more serious than those of Groves. Levin’s attempt to blur the line between his case and the more damn case is despicable-even worse. Levin It also records an anecdote of Galligan, which helps to clarify how wrong Galligan’s actions are:> Mr. Galligan has many views on race, the meaning of racial slander. He said that his father is usually the mother family The only white and black relative at the party said, “The N word is sometimes a word.” A few years ago, he said that his father said aloud, prompting Mr. Galligan and his sister to quietly pull him aside and explain that even if they were joking This is also unacceptable under the circumstances. Garrigan said he does not regret it. He said: “If I never posted the video, nothing will happen. “And because the Internet will never forget, the clip will always be available for viewing. >> “I want to remind myself that you have started something,” he said with satisfaction. “You taught someone a lesson. “For his father, Galligan calmly explained why it was wrong to use slander (even if it was casual). For Groves, he summoned a national prosecution of her and her family, and rejected it. Her chance to attend the dream school. Those who are so ruthless that they seek this kind of retribution, are so timid that they give it, using dishonesty as an excuse are broken.
The United States deployed strategic bombers over the Persian Gulf for the second time on Wednesday this month. This is a powerful display designed to prevent Iran from attacking US or allied targets in the Middle East. A senior U.S. military official said that the flight of two Air Force B-52 bombers was in response to signals that Iran may be a target of the U.S. plan to attack neighboring Iraq and other countries in the region in the coming days, and even be elected president. Biden is ready to take office. The B-52 bomber mission was flying back and forth from North Dakota Air Force Base, reflecting Washington’s growing concern that Iran will order further military retaliation against the United States in the final weeks of President Donald Trump’s administration. The killing of the United States on January 3. General Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s supreme military commander.

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