50 meter pump truck

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1.Automatic piston retraction, convenient to maintain

2.New generation electronic control system adopts energy-saving technology, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

3.Self-diagnosis system, CAN bus, dedicated controller application, allowing operators to monitor system status real time. Improving electrical system reliability

4.The boom movement flow is self-distributed, and the control system automatically adjusts the proportional current of the multi-way valve to ensure the continuity and coordination of the boom movement.


The 4-section “M” –folding placing boom is designed with such advanced design methods as finite element analysis and variable cross-section of equal strength parametric design and dynamic simulation, which optimizes structural design parameters; with lighter weight, better stability and smaller unfolding space, it is especially suitable for tunnel and interior operation whose building sites are confined.

The front “X” stabilizers single side working can make real-time detection of the positions of stabilizers on both sides and control the efficient slewing range of boom and can work normally in narrower space which doesn’t allow the stabilizers to be fully extended.

New breakthrough in remote monitoring technology

The remote monitoring system uses such technologies as computer network, radio-communication, special location and advanced geographical information to monitor the working condition of overall vehicle to realize remote diagnosis and prewarning of faults, which provides powerful technological support for marketing and after-sales service.  

Full-automatic high/low pressure automatic switchover

It means when operating high/low pressure switchover, instead of switching pipelines or turning valve plates, the user just press one button and all operation can be completed. It is easy to use and can quickly remove pipe blockage, leaving no leakage.

Piston automatic return

The concrete piston can automatically return to water groove by just pressing a button, which is convenient for replacing concrete piston and checking the wear of concrete piston at any time. It features easy operation, convenience, time and labor saving, and high security.

Flexible suspension pumping system

The connection between hopper and sub-frame adopts pivoted axle and adds flexible damping device, which absorbs the vibration produced when the core pumping system works, reduces the influence of pumping system on the vibration of superstructure and boom and thus largely extends the service life of structural parts and hydraulic parts.

Product parameters

model:NJ5351THB50 Technical Parameters model:NJ5351THB50 Technical Parameters
Machine parameters full length 12450mm Pumping system parameters


Theoretical concrete displacement

High pressure

Theoretical concrete displacement 163m3/h
Total height 3950mm High pressure 97m3/h
Total width 2500mm Theoretical pumping pressure

High pressure

Theoretical pumping pressure 10MPa
Self weight 35000Kg High pressure 14 MPa
Chassis model dongfeng Theoretical pumping times

High pressure

Theoretical pumping times 32
Drive method 6×4 High pressure 19
engine model Yuchai Distribution valve form S valve
Output power / speed 243Kw/2100RPM Conveying cylinder inner diameter / stroke 260/1800mm
Emission Standards Country V Displacement of main oil pump 260ml/r
Tire size 11.00R20 Hopper volume 0.6m3
Wheelbase 4350+1300mm Feeding height 1450mm
Boom leg parameters Boom vertical height 50m Inner diameter of conveying pipe 125mm
Boom horizontal length 46m Maximum aggregate size 40mm
Boom vertical depth 36.2m Concrete slump 160-220mm
Boom folding form 6RZ System oil pressure 31.5MPa
First arm length


First arm length 10000mm Hydraulic oil tank volume 700L
Corner 89.5o Type of hydraulic system Open
Second arm length


Second arm length 8300mm High and low voltage switching Automatic switching
Corner 180 o Hydraulic oil cooling Air-cooled
Third arm length


Third arm length 8000mm Concrete pipe cleaning method Wash
Corner 180 o Lubrication method Centralized lubrication
Fourth arm length


Fourth arm length 9850mm Accessories Brand transfer case Germany Spor / Zhejiang
Corner 243o Main oil pump Rexroth
Fifth arm length


Fifth arm length 5550mm Boom pump Rexroth
Corner 225o Constant pressure pump Rexroth
6th arm length


6th arm length 4300 Gear pump Rexroth
Corner 90o Boom multi-way valve German Hawe / Domestic
End hose length 3m Boom balance valve German Rexroth / NEM
Turntable rotation angle ±360 o Manifold Eaton
Front outrigger width 9280mm Sheet metal Imported from Sweden / Baosteel
Rear outrigger width 10400mm remote control HBC / Technology
Longitudinal distance of front and rear legs 9800mm Electrical appliances Schneider / Omron
Outrigger opening method Front leg X type    
back leg Leg swing    


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