• How long does it take to replace the diesel engine of the stirring pump?

    How long does it take to replace the diesel engine of the stirring pump?

    The maintenance and maintenance of the diesel engine of the stirring pump differs in different seasons. In summer, the temperature is high and the equipment runs relatively stable. We don’t need to warm up in advance like winter, nor will it be unable to start for a long time. Next, the editor wi...
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  • What are the problems with the pump truck air valve?

    What are the problems with the pump truck air valve?

    The driving and pumping conversion of the concrete boom pump truck generally uses a two-position five-way electromagnetic reversing valve. There is a pressure regulating valve for regulating air pressure in the middle of port 1 leading to the chassis air tank. When the circuit is connected to the...
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  • Changyuan City Agricultural Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

    Changyuan City Agricultural Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

    Changyuan City Agricultural Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of concrete pump trucks. The company is located in the “Hometown of Crane in China” Changyuan City Automobile Industrial Park, adjacent to Daguang...
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  • Retired firefighters at Rancho Cucamonga help to rebuild the 1937 fire truck

    The fire engine truck he built for the Alta Loma Fire Station from the chassis in 1937 not only returned home, but also traveled like a new car, with its red exterior as bright as ever. Before Thanksgiving Day approached, the truck had been idle since 1987 at the home of Relph’s grandson Donald B...
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  • Chevrolet racks up 80,000 race miles in vehicles built with 3D printed parts

    US car brand Chevrolet’s motorsports division has announced its teams have raced over 80,000 miles of competition this season in vehicles containing 3D printed parts. The brand’s Corvette, INDYCAR, NASCAR Camaro, and Silverado race teams have all contributed to the miles, leveraging 3...
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  • Witness: Robbinsdale police shot and killed man with knife

    On Friday morning, after traffic stopped, a Robbinsdale police officer shot and killed a man who shot them with a knife. After the police tried to stop the wanted motorist with a felony arrest warrant, the shooting occurred at around 11 a.m. not long ago, near the intersection of N.38 and Noble ...
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  • Chevrolet can travel 80,000 miles in a vehicle made with 3D printed parts

    The racing department of the American car brand Chevrolet announced that their team has raced 80,000 miles on cars equipped with 3D printed parts this season. The brand’s Corvette, INDYCAR, NASCAR Camaro and Silverado racing teams all contributed to the mileage. They used 3D printing of fu...
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  • SC is only used in states without firefighter cancer laws. This may change

    Some of the names are written in short, small letters, and some are cursive. A few have hearts hanging on their sides, and some have short notes of scruff in the permanent mark. Each name written on the pink truck of the Berea Fire Department is different, and each has its own story. Assistant fi...
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  • 2.6 Smooth caliber, mechanically injected 6.0L stroke engine

    To meet their demand for horsepower and truck traction, Jake Jones and Miles Heberlein built this mechanically injected 6.0-liter Powerstroke engine. It is one of the only known effective mechanical injection systems on 6.0L. Find out what makes this unique build. In addition to earning a living,...
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  • Whitworth was kicked out. People with rib injuries

    Los Angeles Rams veteran Andrew Whitworth (Andrew Whitworth), accompanied by several teammates and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson), at the end of the first half on Sunday The injured left knee was taken away from the car. In New Orleans, Drew Brees missed the second h...
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  • Whether it is a beginner or a lifelong enthusiast, the best gift for any sneaker

    Yahoo Sports is committed to finding the best products for you at the best prices. Through the links on this page, we may get shares from purchases. Prices and availability may change. In a year full of uncertainty, many of us feel comfortable from cooking to exercising. Sneakers have helped mill...
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  • 2020 Gift Guide: What can you bring to your colleagues, employees and customers this holiday season

    On July 16, 2020, Baden-Württemberg in Gengen am Brenz: … + An employee from the production department of Margarete Steiff GmbH will “Steve’s animal trademark” was worn on the ears. toy. Photo: Marijan Murat/dpa (Marijan Murat/Photo Union via Getty Images) It’s that ...
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