42 meter pump truck

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(1)Warranty:Every product issued shall enjoy a one-year/2000 working hour warranty period, during which we will repair or replace the defective parts free of charge if material or process defects occur and spare parts are in normal working condition.

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Product parameters

Model: NJ5251THB42 Technical Parameters Model:NJ5251THB42 Technical Parameters
Machine parameters full length 11350mm Pumping system parameters 


Theoretical concrete displacement  Low pressure 140m3/h
Total height 3850mm high pressure 83m3/h
Total width 2500mm Theoretical pumping pressure  Low pressure 8MPa
Self weight 25000Kg high pressure 12 MPa
Chassis model Dongfeng Theoretical pumping times Low pressure 39
Drive method 6×4 high pressure 23
engine model Yuchai Distribution valve form S阀
Output power / speed 199/243Kw/2100RPM Conveying cylinder inner diameter / stroke 230/260/1600mm
Emission Standards Country V Displacement of main oil pump 190/260ml/r
Tire size 11.00R20 Hopper volume 0.5m3
Wheelbase 4350+1300mm Feeding height 1450mm





Boom leg parameters

Boom vertical height 40.1m Inner diameter of conveying pipe 125mm
Boom horizontal length 36m Maximum aggregate size 40mm
Boom vertical depth 23.6m Concrete slump 160-220mm
Boom folding form 5RZ System oil pressure 31.5MPa
First arm  length 8850mm Hydraulic oil tank volume 500L
Corner 90o Type of hydraulic system Open
Second arm  length 6700mm High and low voltage switching Automatic switching
Corner 180 o Hydraulic oil cooling Air-cooled
Third arm  length 6500mm Concrete pipe cleaning method Wash
Corner 180 o Lubrication method Centralized lubrication
Fourth arm  length 7100mm Accessories brand transfer case Germany Spor / Zhejiang
Corner 229o Main oil pump Germany Rexroth
Fifth arm length 7100mm Boom pump Germany Rexroth
Corner 212o Constant pressure pump Germany Rexroth
End conveying hose length 3m Gear pump Germany Rexroth
Turntabler-otation-angle ±360 o Boom multi-way valve Harvey, Germany
Front outrigger width 6800mm Boom balance valve German Rexroth / HBS
Rear outrigger width 8350mm Manifold Eaton,USA
Longitudinal-distance-of-front-and rear legs 6800mm Sheet metal Imported from Sweden / Baosteel
Outrigger opening method Front leg X type Remote control HBC / ohm, etc.
Back leg Leg swing Electrical appliances Schneider / Omron

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