38 meter concrete mixing pump truck

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1.Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 38m One button stabilization technology

No matter how much vibration the boom incurs after being moved, only one button can make the boom stop steadily and immediately. Meanwhile, the terminal hose will exercise quick and precise positioning.

2.Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 38m Boom anti-vibration technology

Effectively mitigate the boom jittering during the pumping process, with amplitude of vibration decreasing by 50%, and the terminal hose is running steadily.

3.Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 38m Anti-swing control technology

Adopt the brand-new rotary braking technology, and the boom’s rotary swing amplitude decreases by 60%, which helps realize unprecedented precise braking.

4.Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 38m Energy-saving technology

With reversing times hitting 29 times/minute (when the system pressure is 12MPa). Pumping efficiency, an increase of up to 25%, and fuel consumption, a decline of up to 10%. Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 38m Energy-saving technology High wear-resisting parts

Delivery pipe

Straight tube, hinged elbow, and, large elbow, and small elbow all adopt the double-layer compound structure. Inner layer is extremely wear resistant, with service life hitting 50,000 m 3.

Discharge port / transition bushing

Adopt the double-layer compound structure, of which, the inner bushingis made of special steel whose wear resistance is 15 times that of ordinary steel, with service life hitting 60,000 to 80,000 m 3.

Concrete piston

Ttakes rubber as the substrate, and on its exterior layer there is compound wear-resisting fabric, which is extremely resistant to pressure, heat, and abrasion, and applicable to different severe working conditions, with service life hitting 25,000 to 30,000 m 3 .

Wear plate/cutting ring

Adopt special inlaying process, with connecting strength surpassing 100MPa. Of which, the wear plate’s service life is up to 50,000 to 60,000 m 3 , and the cutting ring’s service life hits 20,000 to 30,000 m 3 .

Delivery cylinder

The inner layer is plated with chrome with thickness of above 0.3mm, and so its hardness exceeds HV900, with service life hitting 100,000 to 140,000 m 3 .

Product parameters


Mixing pump truck

Technical Parameters


Mixing pump truck

Technical Parameters


Machine parameters full length 10400mm Pumping system parameters


Mixer model JS500
Total height 3950mm Theoretical concrete displacement ≧25 m3/h
Total width 2500mm Distribution valve form S阀
Self weight 25000Kg Conveying cylinder inner diameter / stroke 230/1600mm
Chassis model Dongfeng Displacement of main oil pump 190ml/r
Drive method 6×4 Inner diameter of conveying pipe 125mm
engine model Yuchai Maximum aggregate size 40mm
Output power / speed 199Kw/2300RPM Concrete slump 160-220mm
Emission Standards Country V System oil pressure 31.5MPa
Tire size 11.00R20 Hydraulic oil tank volume 500L
Wheelbase 4350+1350mm Type of hydraulic system Open






Boom leg parameters

Boom vertical height 38m High and low voltage switching Automatic switching
Boom horizontal length 33.4m Hydraulic oil cooling Air-cooled
Boom vertical depth 22.8m Concrete pipe cleaning method Wash
Boom folding form 5RZ Lubrication method Centralized lubrication

First arm


length 7500mm

Accessories Brand



transfer case Germany Spor / Zhejiang
Corner 90o Main oil pump Germany Rexroth

Second arm

length 6500mm Boom pump Germany Rexroth


Third arm

Corner 180 o Constant pressure pump Germany Rexroth
length 6300mm Gear pump Germany Rexroth



Corner 180 o Boom multi-way valve Harvey, Germany
length 6800mm Boom balance valve German Rexroth / HBS

Fourth arm

Corner 229o Manifold Eaton,USA
length 7000mm Sheet metal Imported from Sweden / Baosteel

End conveying hose

Corner 212o Remote control HBC / ohm, etc.
length 3m Electrical appliances Schneider / Omron
Turntable rotation angle ±360 o    
Front outrigger width 6800mm    
Rear outrigger width 8000mm    
Longitudinal distance of front and rear legs 6500mm    
Outrigger open

the way


Front leg X type    
Back leg Leg swing    


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