Rules for safe operation of truck cranes

(1) Truck crane drivers must undergo professional technical training, and can only operate independently after passing the test and obtaining evidence.

(2) Drivers should be familiar with the mechanical principles, maintenance rules, and safe operation procedures of truck cranes, and must strictly implement them according to the regulations. It is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking or when the body has inappropriate symptoms.

(3) Before use, check in detail whether the work site is flat and solid, whether the outriggers are firm, and whether the operating handle, brake and other operating devices are sensitive and reliable, and work can be started after confirming that there is no abnormality.

(4) When the hook is lifted and lowered, the workpiece must be lifted in the direction of the rear of the vehicle. When lifting, a trial lifting must be carried out first. To avoid lifting too high, try to reduce the time the object stays in the air, and the speed of the lifted object should be slow and uniform. .

(5) During operation, the wear of the wire rope should be observed frequently. When the elevation angle of the boom is large, the hanging object should be lowered to the parking position first, and the boom should be lowered and loosened while keeping the tension of the sling. Rope and hook.

(6) It must be done when the boom is lifted and turned: When lifting heavy objects, the boom shall not be dropped. The throttle should be small when the arm is lowered, the throttle should be large when the arm is lifted, the turning action should be stable, and no sudden reversal is allowed.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to drive with heavy weights. When driving, the boom must be placed on the bracket, the hook must be hooked on the hook of the bumper, and the wire rope must be tightened.

(8) After the work is completed, the lifting of the legs and the turning of the boom shall not be carried out at the same time. When driving on the highway, you must strictly abide by the traffic rules, turn slowly, strictly control the speed when going downhill, and do not coast in neutral gear.


Post time: Apr-02-2022