Working principle of truck crane

If we want to know the principle of the car crane, we must first know that the structure of the car crane is composed of two parts: the power unit and the bracket. The power unit consists of a motor, a reducer, a clutch, a brake, a rope drum and a wire rope. The motor is a near-magnetic single-phase capacitor motor, designed with a mechanism for braking when power is cut off; the motor is also equipped with a thermal switch to prevent the motor from overheating and burning; the reducer is a two-stage gear deceleration, which is fixed to the motor; clutch, The brakes are integrated into the fly tube, but with the clutch disengaged, a quick descent is possible, and the brakes are operated to control the rate of descent to avoid shock. The round hole on the front of the power unit housing can be used to install the blower, and the user can equip the blower for forced cooling as needed.




The bracket part is composed of a main rod and a rotating arm composed of a screw rod, a jack nut and a vertical rod. The swivel arm can be rotated 360 degrees on the main pole, and a travel switch is provided at the end of the arm to prevent over-lifting accidents caused by misoperation or button failure. Operating the button starter to realize the forward and reverse rotation of the motor can wind and release the wire rope, and lift it through the pulley of the bracket part, and lower the object to complete the lifting operation.

Post time: Mar-17-2022