What should I do if the tyre of the pump car breaks down

The concrete pump truck bears more load, and the road conditions are mostly poor, so it is easy to have the tire cut and scratched by the foreign matters and sharp objects on the road. High temperature operation is also a big test for the tires of small pump trucks, which can reduce their service life, not to mention the occurrence of tire blowout. How to operate it when it is temporary?

1. Apply the glue, wait for the glue to dry in the shade, stick the rubber and cord fabric in the tire, and then compact it to avoid air entrainment.

2. It is necessary to sew up the external trauma of tyre by using the tyre repair air bag which is the same with the tyre size, and then fill the tyre repair raw rubber. It should be noted that the filling of the tyre sealant should be 2-3 mm higher than the tread.

3. Use the tire expander to wide open the tire, put the air bag into the woven bag or coated with talcum powder, then put the tire into the upper mold, add iron sheet in the center of the upper mold and the lower mold, put the rubber plate above the air bag, then put the iron plate for maintaining the air bag, put the pressing iron and install the lead screw.

4. Tighten the two lead screws to compress the tire. Make sure that the tire fits the mold tightly. If not, loosen the lead screw and the pressing iron, and adjust from the beginning.

5. Cut off the remaining vulcanized rubber to ensure that the tread is flat.

For repair workers, if they repair many times and have no experience, they always try to repair with waste tires first. When repairing, they often check whether the temperature of the tire repair machine is normal and whether the air bag pressure is normal. Wear protective glasses when using the grinder; hold the grinder tightly and tap gently to avoid rebounding.

Warm reminder:

Nowadays, tires are more expensive. If there is only a small crack, it can save a lot of money if it can be corrected. However, if the crack is large and for the sake of safety, we still need to replace it.

Small concrete pump truck is a kind of mechanical equipment used by many construction parties, which can greatly improve the efficiency of construction. In the construction, because it is convenient to move and use, it is welcomed by the majority of construction parties.

Post time: May-19-2020