The production process of the car crane

1. Develop a demand analysis. According to factors such as function, performance, operating environment, etc., work with customers to formulate detailed user requirements manuals, and then determine development goals.
2. Preliminary plan design. According to the demand analysis, the plan is formulated, including the setting of functions and parameters, basic calculations, and the drawing of preliminary three-dimensional plans, and then the preliminary review is carried out with the customer.
3. Detailed plan design. Listen to the opinions of the preliminary examination and implement the plan design. Modify and refine the general drawing of the three-dimensional model, draw a three-dimensional drawing of the parts, and perform finite element analysis and dynamic simulation of the structural parts. Then conduct a second review with the customer.
4. The final plan is determined and the drawings are drawn. Listen to the opinions of the second instance and revise the design of the plan. Draw floor plans (such as parts drawings, parts assembly drawings and general assembly drawings, painting drawings, etc.), and produce parts lists and lists of wearing parts.
5. Produce all technical documents, including publicity, technical samples, and product instruction manuals.


Post time: Apr-13-2022