Retired firefighters at Rancho Cucamonga help to rebuild the 1937 fire truck

The fire engine truck he built for the Alta Loma Fire Station from the chassis in 1937 not only returned home, but also traveled like a new car, with its red exterior as bright as ever.
Before Thanksgiving Day approached, the truck had been idle since 1987 at the home of Relph’s grandson Donald Beattie (Donald Beattie) in Washington. He donated the truck to the Rancho Ccamonga Fire District. Arrived at Cucamonga Ranch.
But since returning home, the truck has not been idling. A team of 7 people, most of whom retired from the Rancho Cucamonga area, spent 100 days cleaning, replacing and repairing almost everything on the Ralf truck. This work was mainly supported and funded by the Rancho Cucamonga Professional Firefighter Association (local 2274).
Tony Gonzalez, President of the California Association of the Inland Empire on Route 66, said: “Compared to a group of retired firefighters, what you can count on is that they will properly restore and repair such a historic truck, and they It did.”
After the restoration, the truck was officially unveiled as part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the New Rancho Cucamonga Public Safety Facility at 8870 New Bernardino Road on March 3.
The team repaired, adjusted and repaired the engine and gearbox. The siren was completely rebuilt and replaced, tested and drawn the wiring diagram. Replaced the hydraulic brake system, cooling system and fuel system.
All lighting is restored to almost original condition, including rear Dodge taillights and replacement red beacons that have been ordered. Repaired the wooden floor, fire fighting equipment, some hoses and hand tools. The professional beautician polished the old red paint.
“In the future, we hope to varnish the paint to preserve the charm of this old Dodge.” said Sammy Dominick Sr., a retired firefighter who helped organize the bringing of the truck back to the area and take the lead work. In the rebuilding of the truck. “We want to rebuild the front fire pump and restore the water tank as needed.”
“It’s all labor of love,” Dominic said. “The volunteers spent 1,020 hours to complete the project.”
He said the team was working in the Rancho Cucamonga workshop of the retired Corona Deputy Fire Chief Chris Cox. Other members of the team include current RCFD engineer Abel Castaneda, retired regional fire technicians Armand Gionet and Tony Varney, and retired RCFD communications director Chris’s dad Karl Cox. The other two main staff members are Chris Cox’s wife Heidi Cox and her son Kevin Quinn.
Dominic said the truck will be placed at the old station 172 at 9612 San Bernardino Road. It is hoped that this location can one day be used as an RCFD fire museum.
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Post time: Mar-26-2021