M-Flint University of Economists: Lear Corp. employs a sign that the economy is rebounding


The land at the Lear Corp. car seat assembly plant in Flint, Michigan (WJRT)-Flint has been vacant for many years.
When hiring began in December 2018, the manufacturing industry in the car city also began to regenerate-even during the pandemic, this growth continued. Lear announced an urgent need to hire dozens of workers this week to keep up with demand.
The University of Michigan said: “The fact that companies like this are hiring (rapidly hiring) is encouraging, because when there is a severe recession, especially the COVID recession, people will first cut back on things like cars,” -Flint Chris Douglas, professor of economics.
The Lear plant helps manufacture seats for General Motors’ heavy-duty pickup trucks. In recent months, despite being closed for two months, the daily output of trucks has exceeded 1,000.
“You are talking about trucks from US$70,000 to US$80,000, so people are buying these trucks. Either they are private citizens who are sufficiently secure in the economy to buy trucks with this kind of money, or they are working trucks. It is a good sign for the contracting industry.” said.
Douglas said that, at least in central Michigan, the manufacturing trend seems to be moving forward, provided that the economy will no longer encounter difficulties.
“I think the trend continues to develop, assuming that the COVID will not worsen. Therefore, if the COVID really breaks out and people try to shut down the economy again, all the bets will disappear,” he added.
The Lear plant in Flint was completed in August 2018. Hiring began in December of the same year. It has been 30 years since the establishment of a brick and tile manufacturing plant in Flint.
“It is great to see that the sites in Buick City are being redeveloped. Redeveloping these brownfield sites is always a tricky thing,” he said.
Lear Corporation is hiring 30 to 50 full-time employees. The starting salary is $13.65 per hour, including premiums and benefits for the second or third shift after 90 days of work.
A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Applicants should submit their resume to Flintjobs@lear.com

Post time: Oct-27-2020