Does the concrete pump truck need to be cleaned frequently?

Commercial-app1     Everyone knows that the family cars we usually drive need to be cleaned frequently, so does the pump truck need to be cleaned regularly? The concrete pump truck is a vehicle with special functions. Its working environment is either on the construction site or on the road. No matter where it is, it is dusty, which often causes a layer of dust on the exterior of the pump truck. Many owners believe that the pump truck The working environment is like this. As long as the internal parts are properly maintained, the dust on the outside is not important. In fact, this idea is wrong. If the concrete pump truck is not cleaned in time, what harm will it do? Xiaoke will come here for you all today.

First, although the cleanliness of the concrete pump truck will not directly affect the operation of the pump truck, it will affect the service life of the equipment in the truck.

First of all, every pump truck has a gearbox, which is a device with heat dissipation function. During normal operation, the air pressure in the gearbox will rise with the generation of water vapor, and the valve on the gearbox will be opened to discharge the gas, just like the safety valve of a pressure cooker. If the valve on the gearbox is blocked by unclean foreign objects such as gravel, mud, etc., the water vapor in the gearbox will not be discharged, which will seriously affect the working state of the gearbox, and the lubrication performance and transmission power will decrease, and the clutch disc will Will skid. The inability of water vapor to discharge will also cause the oil in the gearbox to accelerate dilution, and the diluted substance will further block the valve, which is a vicious circle in the studio. The gearbox is a very important part in the car body. Once a failure occurs, the pump truck cannot even complete ordinary driving.

Second, pump trucks, excavators, transfer pumps, pile drivers and other construction machinery are equipped with a hydraulic oil radiator to cool down the oil temperature in the engine to ensure that the main engine can operate normally.

Post time: Nov-07-2020