Advantages and disadvantages of truck cranes

  Truck cranes usually refer to the cranes mounted on the chassis of general or special trucks as truck cranes. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of truck cranes.

  The driving operation of the truck crane is in the cab of getting off the car, and the lifting operation is in the operating cab of the boarding car. Because the truck crane uses the chassis of the car, it has the performance of driving through the car, it is flexible, the driving speed is high, it can be quickly transferred, and it can be quickly put into work after being transferred to the work site. Therefore, the advantages of car cranes are: convenient and flexible, high work efficiency, fast transition, and improved work efficiency. Due to these advantages, the variety and quantity of truck cranes have been greatly developed in our country, and they are the main types of mobile cranes in our country.

  Truck cranes also have their weaknesses. The overall arrangement is limited by the chassis of the vehicle. The body is long and the turning radius is large. Most of them can only operate on the left and right sides and the rear. In addition, they have high requirements on the ground and poor off-road performance. The disadvantages are: limited by the terrain, large-scale equipment (1000-2000 tons) cannot be completed. (The maximum tonnage of the car crane is 3200 tons.)


Post time: Mar-28-2022