2020 Gift Guide: What can you bring to your colleagues, employees and customers this holiday season

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It’s that time of year again! When to express gratitude to those who made your life better or better. Every year, I will organize my own list of what you can give to someone special in your career, whether it is your colleagues, customers or employees. This is my holiday gift guide from last year and this year’s special edition mini gift guide.
This is my list of the best holiday gifts for 2020. I really hope you can find something for everyone on the list.
Tovala: The ultimate countertop oven for the busiest professionals. You can order various Tovala meals or make your own. It combines steaming, baking and toasting. It can replace toaster and microwave.
Hurom Slow Juicer: Hurom’s latest H200 slow juicer now has a larger water inlet and can hold full-size apples. Less preparation and less cleaning means more time to enjoy freshly squeezed juice. Yes, please.
Tchibo coffee machine: German-designed products launched in the United States. This is a soymilk machine. No need for pods. A great choice for coffee lovers. You can also add some festive mixed foods from Coffee Chicks.
Jura E8 coffee machine: white? Cappuccino? Macchiato? This is a beast of a coffee machine and can indeed do all the work. This is ideal for everyone in the office…or home office.
Blue Diamond Cookware: If they like cooking, some of Greenpan’s wonderful discoveries can never be wrong. These are loved by chefs all over the world. Proclamation Duo is also the best in this category. It uses two pots to minimize clutter and maximize space. You can get twelve cooking methods that are messy.
Carnival tableware: from star-shaped candy trays to colorful pitchers, you will love it. Also in the tableware category is Poketo and its bamboo tableware.
Taotronics Air Fryer: Ideal for people who try to eat healthier in your life but still like to fry food.
Espresso machine with illy and cup: bright red, this Y3.2 iperEspresso machine can make espresso and coffee with just one tap. It also does not take up much space.
Viking cooking: I recommend using teapots (three colors) or reversible wood preparation and carving plates. Make preparation and cleaning a breeze.
Crate and bucket Stagg kettle: perfect for pouring coffee or tea. It doesn’t take up much space and looks great. Three different colors are also available.
Jung Lee Pharos Teapot and Cup Set: Even if they are just entertaining one, this is a delightful and cute work. It has a teapot with two cups-inspired by the Portuguese lighthouse.
edn: dn’s Smart Garden, a technology company, has just relaunched SmallGarden with Wi-Fi technology after being sold out 3 times. Perfect for those who want both design and functionality to help anyone bring nature inside-no need for a green thumb.
Our greenhouse custom gift baskets: Choose from a variety of organic baskets from parents on the list. They have many options, and you can build options you know they will like.
Sorting box: therapeutic and interesting. These linen baskets are easy to organize when they are labeled “sale” and “donation”.
Joolz stroller: very compact, very suitable for urban environments. Easy to assemble. Want to send a stroller? Check out Simmons City Sleeper Bassinet for the latest developments in the family.
Silver Cross Wave: Did you get more than one? Consider giving away this double stroller. Moreover, they also have a cute doll stroller to match.
Wild dough: This is a great gift/stocking when you want to give something to keep your little hands busy. Also, please check the dough project. Non-toxic dough allows parents to do more-yes, please.
Nununu Fashion: For the coolest kids you know, these guys produce everything from hoodies to hats. Little Sleepies is another celebrity known for giving away matching pajamas.
Brusheez: Give gifts that make brushing your teeth fun. From bear to giraffe, you can choose a character, and you can also put in some non-fluoride Kinder Karex toothpaste to complete it.
Motorola WiFi Video Baby Monitor: This is an excellent monitor for parents who need to pay attention to their children during a Zoom call. Do you want to put in something when the diaper needs to be changed? Check out Diapertainment. All of these are designed to make parents’ lives easier.
Wildkin boots and nap pads: This small boutique has many good choices, from dinosaur rain boots to nap pads. Want to give shoes? Please also check out the “ten small” to find shoes suitable for small feet.
Baby’s Brew portable bottle warmer: the first battery-operated bottle warmer. Ideal for parents who enjoy outdoor activities with their children. For more baby gear, check out bӧkee (ideal bottle holder), Tranquilo baby soothing massager (perfect for picky babies) and busy baby mats to help them stay busy.
TØY Organic Clothing: For 100% organic cotton clothing and accessories, this is a solid brand for gift giving. Need more ideas about newborns? WubbaNub is an ideal pacifier friend, and consider using Dreamland weighted blankets and WavHello SoundBub White Noise Machine to sleep better with babies (and happier parents).
Luni (Lunii): Help children listen to and make their own stories, and catch podcast mistakes as early as possible. You can also check out Yotto Player, a screenless speaker that allows them to choose their own story. This is the perfect choice for parents who want to limit speech time but encourage the use of technology.
Lansinoh Pump: Lansinoh has prepared a series of products for pregnant women and new mothers, which are very suitable for any breastfeeding mother. Also on the list are UpSpring and its care boxes. Like Kindred Bravely, Davin & Adley is another favorite of nursing mothers. For a good gift for expectant mothers, please check out the fashionable and versatile Bumpsuit clothing and Kibou’s simplest diaper bag.
Steiff USA: Steiff USA is the original manufacturer of teddy bears. There are many great plush toys and collectibles to choose from. In the field of toys, you can also check out the HESS toy truck (limited edition), Hat Not Hate fast knitting loom kit and Mellodees plush toys.
Enchanting Express: For the ultimate traditional gift, consider buying a wooden train from an enchanting shop. This is sure to make any child (big or small) under the Christmas tree happy.
Omakase skateboard: something for older kids. The loading board makes some great skateboard and electric skateboard conversion kits. Very suitable for outdoor activities.
Weezie Robes: This year, compared to anyone on the list, working in home clothing and casual wear will definitely be a hit, and Weezie has made some great robes. Also, check out Towl’s organic towel, which quickly became a favorite of celebrities. In the clothing category, I highly recommend Felina casual wear, Terez sportswear, JJwinks for casual wear and pajamas, and room service or BedHead pajamas can’t be wrong.
Robes and scarves by ThisSameSky: If you want to provide back and support craftsmen this year, please consider this upcoming new brand, which will soon become a highly sought after brand, This Same Sky. They work with artisans in Jaipur, and each piece is unique.
Ogio Pace 25 backpack: This backpack is made of luggage-grade bulletproof nylon, which is one of the most durable soft materials in backpacks and suitcases. Easily go from #wfh to outdoor dining. Also, in this category, check out REI’s Beyonder Weekender tote bag. It is easy to carry and is equipped with a removable roll pouch to store dirty clothes. Pack more with Paravel’s packaging cubes.
Duluth Trading Company canvas bag: Waterproof bottom and cotton canvas make it very suitable for any type of trek. If you need more customized services, check out Rafi Nova, no two bags are exactly the same. Want a laptop bag that combines leather and canvas, Yaya & Co might be faster. In terms of uniformity, you can check out Gale and Hayes and Ora Delphine’s options.
MoonShade: Portable awning, perfect for those on your list who like camping and hiking. Put in GroupHug solar panels, no matter where they are, they can keep the phone charged. Or, use a Voormi blanket to keep it warm and dry outdoors.
Lifepro treadmill: This is the perfect gift for customers who lack a fitness room and want to exercise at home. Equipped with a built-in speaker system and a digital interface that tracks speed, time, distance and pulse as well as automatic tilt functions, this device is a stylish addition to any home. In order to maximize the use of the floor, Pacer has a built-in hydraulic mechanism that can make the machine almost completely folded in half while keeping it upright. Want something smaller? Lifepro also makes awesome massage guns ideal for training and muscle recovery.
Cubii Pro: A compact oval chair, perfect for your employees working from home. It has 8 levels of resistance and has Bluetooth enabled through the Cubii app to track statistics, share and compete with other Cubii users (also synchronized with Fitbit, Apple Healthkit and Apple Watch). Minimal assembly required (27-pound device can be assembled in 5 minutes; screwdriver included).
Backbridge: A type of Invisalign for the spine. It has five levels. It can relieve posture and return to normal by decompressing the spine and improving circulation. A great way to stretch. Also, check out The Back Thing, which is a simple but practical chair cushion that provides lumbar support.
FitFighter: A steel hose that combines dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags and sledgehammers. It comes with an iOS training app, and you can even customize it with a logo.
Spryng Active Compression Therapy: A cordless, pneumatic compression package that reduces pain, speeds up recovery and improves performance. It doesn’t matter whether they stayed in the cubicle for a few hours or just participated in the marathon, it is destined to be a gift they use and appreciate.
HidrateSpark steel smart water bottle: a perfect gift for someone who cannot get enough water in a day. It has an LED smart sensor that will glow to remind you when to drink, and for data-conscious people, you can even use the hidrateSpark app to track how much water you have drunk.
ChiliSleep: ChiliSleep can promote sleep through a temperature-controlled sleep system. It comes with a reversible water-driven Chili Cool Mesh™ pad, a temperature adjustment control unit and a remote control that can easily adjust the bed temperature. This sleep solution uses hydroelectric power to allow users to set the ideal temperature. They can even use the app to automatically set the temperature before going to bed.
NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier: This is a great gift for anyone with allergies or those who have difficulty breathing. The purifier has a HEPA/carbon filter that can capture allergens, odors and airborne bacteria. Your recipient will definitely sleep better.
Layla blankets: blankets that are easy to clean and still provide the comfort you expect from blankets. They can also be made into a great pillow with copper fiber. For more weighted blankets, this time with a removable cover, please check Luxome. In the pillow category, please also check out Pluto Pillow (which allows you to give it as a gift), the recipient can customize the item that suits them.
Hatch Cover Sound Machine: “Hatch Cover Sound Recovery” actually combines smart lights, sound machines, sunrise alarm, landing meditation and alarm clocks into an easy-to-use bedside device. It’s like a soothing sound machine-but for adults. Put in some deep sleep pillow sprays from ThisWorks to make it smooth.
Bubbly Belle: Aroma diffuser, there are a lot of essential oils to choose from. It is an ideal choice for customers and suppliers.
Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: This robot vacuum cleaner is designed for busy pet owners and families who work at home. They need an effective and convenient automatic cleaning solution. It has a unique “quiet mode” that can be activated at the push of a button so they can jump out of important conference calls or put babies to sleep without sacrificing cleanliness. The tangle-free silicone main brush eliminates the need to clean up messy pet and human hair tangles. Also in this category, Roomba i3 automatically removes dirt and empties for up to 60 days.
EdgeDesk: A truly unique desk, its appearance and function are more like a massage chair and a canvas. More precisely, it is an all-in-one chair, table and easel. It is designed for use in small spaces ranging from urban apartments to the outdoors. It is light weight, fully adjustable, fully assembled, installation time is less than 30 seconds, and can be folded to only 6 inches, and can be easily stored without any tools. For a more traditional desk, I like Pine & South’s Arco. Also, it looks great during a Zoom call.
Como Audio Duetto: Very suitable for colleagues who like music. This is a two-channel speaker system that allows you to stream music, listen to Internet radio and watch files on smart devices in a simple system. It sounds great.
X-HMT Heating + Massage Office Chair: This is the world’s first office chair with built-in heating, massage and ergonomic structure. If you are looking for the ideal chair for your home office, this is it.
BISSELL SpinWave robot: Wet and dry robot vacuum cleaners provide two cleaning methods. Use it in dry vacuuming mode to collect pet hair, dust and other debris on carpets, carpets and hard floors. When used in wet mop mode, the mop pad and cleaning solution can clean the floor together. For people with pets, they also made a pet stain eraser PowerBrush portable carpet cleaner. Very suitable for colleagues who have just raised a new puppy.
Elephant sofa in a box: Fully functional furniture is a great gift, and this is actually a working sofa with a table extending from the armrest. This is perfect for your partner who wants to do more with less space.
JWDA concrete table lamp: very chic, it will definitely impress any desk. TRNK NYC also offers some other excellent office accessories, including the perfect writing board for better visual boarding in 2021!
Shama Hyder is the founder and CEO of Zen Media. She was selected as a “Marketing Zen Master” by “Entrepreneur” magazine and named as “Master of Global Millennium”
Shama Hyder is the founder and CEO of Zen Media. She was named “Master of Marketing Zen” by Entrepreneur Magazine and “Master of Millennium Universe” by FastCompany.com. “Forbes”, “Business Week” and “The Company” all rated her as one of the 30 largest entrepreneurs in the marketing field. Shama has built a global audience and is known for helping brands succeed in the digital age. She is a best-selling author, international keynote speaker, and has been named one of LinkedIn’s top ten marketing voices for four consecutive years.

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