16 Ton Truck Crane

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16 Ton Truck Crane mainly includes hoisting mechanism, running mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism and metal structure.

  • 16 Ton Truck Crane: 16-ton truck cranes are used in the construction industry.
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    Truck crane mainly includes hoisting mechanism, running mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism and metal structure. The hoisting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of the crane. Most of it is composed of a hanging system and a winch. It can also lift heavy objects through the hydraulic system. The running mechanism is used to move heavy objects longitudinally and horizontally or adjust the working position of the crane, and is generally composed of a motor, a reducer, a brake and a wheel. The luffing mechanism is only equipped on the gantry crane, the amplitude decreases when the gantry is raised, and the amplitude increases when the gantry is lowered. It is divided into two types: balanced luffing and unbalanced luffing. The slewing mechanism is used to rotate the police frame, and it is composed of a driving device and a slewing bearing device. The metal structure is the skeleton of the crane, and the main bearing parts such as bridges, such as the frame and the gantry, can be box-shaped structures, frame structures, or web structures, and some can use section steel as supporting beams.

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     Brand  Nongjian
     Model  QY16KC
     Place of Origin  Henan, China
     Chassis model  Dongfeng


    Parameter Parameter item Technical parameter
    Size parameters Overall length of the machine 11980mm
    Machine width 2500mm
    Machineheight 3280mm
    Wheelbase 4500mm
    Weight parameter Gross weight 18000kg
    Engine parameters Engine model YCSO4200-68
    Engine rated power 147/2300kw/(r/min)
    Engine rated torque 720/2300N.m/(r/min)
    Driving parameters Top speed ≥85km/h
    Minimum stable driving speed 2~3km/h
    Turn Minimum turning diameter ≤22m
    Arm head minimum turning diameter ≤25.8m
    Maximum climbing slope Minimum ground clearance 260mm
    Approach angle 25°
    Departure angle 15°
    Braking distance ≤10m
    Fuel consumption of 100 kilometers 24L
    Main performance parameters Maximum rated total lifting weight 16t
    Minimum rated amplitude 3m
    Maximum lifting moment of the basic arm 735kN·m
    Radius of gyration at the tail of the turntable 2885mm
    Outriggers Longitudinal 5.23m
    Horizontal 6.88m
    Maximum lifting height Basic arm 9.12m
    Longest main arm 35.12m
    Lifting arm length Basic arm 9.12m
    Forward extension Chassis length 9905mm
    Working speed Maximum rotation speed ≥3r/min
    Lifting speed Main lifting mechanism ≥130r/min
    Auxiliary lifting mechanism ≥130r/min
    Lifting arm extension time Full stretch ≤50s
    Full arm lift ≤35s
    Put-level ≤25s
    Receive-level ≤20s
    Play at the same time ≤25s
    Play at the same time ≤20s

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